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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2

Author: Rob Sheppard

Publisher: Wiley

Review by Conrad J. Obregon

Rob Sheppard always provides something extra in his photography instruction books. Like every author of a Lightroom 2 (LR2) book, he tells you where the sliders and buttons are located and what they do. But he often goes a step beyond, exploring things more deeply and suggesting ways to use equipment and software to create more artistic images. Continue reading

The Traveling Nature Photographer: A Guide for Exploring the Natural World Through Photography (Paperback)

Author: Steven Morello
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

Review by Conrad J. Obregon

Many years ago a friend was making a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Africa to view wildlife. She had little photo experience but asked to borrow my camera and a wide-angle, normal and telephoto lens. I suggested she practice with it before leaving and talk to me if she had any questions. I didn’t hear from her until her return. She was in tears. She had not been able to use the camera properly and had agonized each day of the trip over the shots she was missing. She felt the trip had been a disaster because she couldn’t capture great images even though she had the necessary equipment. It’s too bad she didn’t have Steven Morello’s book.

Continue reading