Inspired by his extensive travel and career in wildlife photography, outdoor photographer Andy Biggs has launched Gura Gear. Gura Gear will offer on-the-go photographers a lightweight and comfortable yet highly functional alternative to bulky photo gear currently available to photographers.

The Kiboko bag 30L is the first design from the Gura Gear line. Weighing in at only four pounds, the Kiboko is the lightest bag in its class. This bag allows all photo gear to be safely stored and comfortably carried but also quickly accessed. The Kiboko bag is deep enough to accommodate a pro level SLR camera body, as well as medium format cameras. The bag will also hold up to a 500mm and 600mm lens simultaneously. The Kiboko bag is made from high-tech Dimension Polyant VX-21, a unique and durable water-shedding material made from the same process that is used on some of the fastest lightweight sailboats in the world. The outer materials are abrasion and tear resistant and the interior is well padded, ensuring that the bag and your equipment will hold up regardless of the terrain you’re photographing. Continue reading

Over at GirlsGoneGeek, occasional TWIP contributor Liana Lehua offers an exclusive first look at the brand new Kata 3N1-20 DSP sling bag.

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