I went to the 2008 Seattle Auto Show this week and grabbed some images with my Panasonic LX3. I am still shooting JPGs since there is no RAW Aperture converter. That said, the LX3 is so good even in JPG mode that I don’t mind.

I wanted to see if I could download, select, adjust, convert to B&W and upload to a web gallery in 25 minutes. I used these photos as a test case. Let’s see what happened.

I shot about 45 images at the show. I wasn’t shooting everything that moved. I tried to make good images that I knew I’d like to keep.
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If your digital photographs are noisy, meaning they look like they have the digital equivalent of grain, consider trying Nik Software DFine 2.0. Dfine is a plug-in that works with Photoshop. It costs less than $99 and it’s very easy to use. I suggest that you use this plug-in first before you make any other […]

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If you hate layer masks – you’ll love Viveza. I had a chance to play with this plug-in at PMA and I have to say it’s very, very cool. You can make all sorts of adjustments using Nik’s U-Point technology. This eliminates the need for layer masks and it really works. They’re offering a free […]

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