I just returned from a nighttime photography trip (Ron Risman’s Timelapse Workshop).  The goal was to shoot the night sky… over and over again.  With a group of several photographers, the amount of light pollution can get pretty high.  Flashlights, camera LEDs, cell phones and more.  Every light source can get in the way of […]

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© w. brian watkins

Article by Scott Bourne and Richard Harrington Today is the Fourth of July.  A day that traditionally means fireworks in the United States.  While you may or may not celebrate this holiday, summer is a season filled with fireworks.  Sporting events, amusement parks, and national holidays… it’s not a party until something explodes in the […]

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NOTE: This is a guest post and images are Copyright Canadian photographer Quin Barrie

Ever since broadband came to my neighborhood, I’ve been watching “NASA TV” online and following the Space Shuttle launches and missions. With every mission, it’s been awe-inspiring to learn of the unbelievable complexity of the Space Shuttle and Station, and of the massively dangerous task of space flight.

While snooping around one of the many spectacular image archives at, I found a link to the ‘Sighting Opportunities’ page for the Shuttle and ISS. I went there and entered in my location info, and it returned a list of times when the Shuttle and ISS would be flying over my area – at a mere 17,500 mph and just 200 nautical miles overhead!
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