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During a 4 hour ride in a Ford F-150 from Vegas to L.A.,Vanelli had a chance to ask Mike “Hollywood” Kubeisy numerous questions about tips he’s learned from his long career as a Hollywood. shooter. Episode 1 talks about Hard light, Stylize the set and Apply texture to the scene

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In our most recent podcast, we heard from a very unique photographer that adds to the list of incredible Photofocus-featured talents.  Even though he is currently on set in Hollywood, Michael Kubeisy took time away from the production set to chat with Rich Harrington about working as a photographer in Hollywood. From crime scenes to […]

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This week’s show features three of the photo industry’s best and brightest.  First up,  Melissa Niu interviews Damien Lovegrove, a portrait photographer from the UK. Next Rich Harrington interviews Mike Kubeisy about his work in Hollywood. Finally, Julieanne Kost shares her insights into photography and Adobe.

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