At Photofocus, we work hard to keep you on the cutting edge.  Now it’s your turn to help shape the professional photography world.  We were approached to help administer a survey about what lights and tools photographers need.  A big research company reached out to us and wants to hear from professional, semiprofessional, and advanced […]

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Levi_Sim_Room COver-1

We all have times when we’re waiting for something—maybe the doctor’s office, or a meal at restaurant, or at the auto shop—and many times we spend that time checking Instagram with our eyes glued to our phones. I’d like to suggest a more productive use of your time that will exercise your mind and make […]

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This week we catch up with a photographer and a Lightroom expert.  First Levi Sim sits down with guru and photographer Terry White to talk Lightroom, gear, gadgets, and portfolios.  Then Pamela sits down with Zach Sutton to dig into his start in photography and some practical advice.

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Flash angled above right (see in window)

I live in a cave. Not literally, but it sure feels like it. My house is so dark. Even with the windows wide open, on a bright sunny day, I still have to shoot at a minimum of ISO 1600. Sometimes I embrace my cave, I shoot with the high ISO, and I don’t sweat […]

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Here's the resulting image after spot metering for the bride's dress. Perfect highlights with deep, dramatic shadows. ©LovesomePhoto.com

I often spend a lot of time at a wedding wrestling with light. Different sources, color temperatures, intensities are all over. Often, I find I like to shoot into the light to create a dreamy, open, bright feeling to my images because those are all qualities that typically go along with weddings. However, sometimes, I […]

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When using backlighting in an image, the first thing to decide on the light source. For beauty portraits, I prefer to use natural light, as it has a soft and lovely look to it, but this can easily be accomplished with studio lighting. In this tutorial, images are taken using a very large window diffused by sheer […]

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2015-10-07 Aesthetic Judgments part one

Aesthetic is defined as being concerned with or the appreciation of beauty. It also suggests a style or underlying principles that guide an artist or an artistic movement. Judging photographs, particularly our own photographs is a minefield fraught with danger. Rating someone else’s work can hurt their feelings to the point of damaging a friendship. […]

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