A reflector is any object used to reflect or bounce light. While we tend to think of round shiny circular objects we buy at the camera store as reflectors, a reflector can be anything that bounces light. It can be a plain piece of white cardboard or one covered in tin foil. A reflector could […]

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Post by Rick Sammon Travel photographs © Rick Sammon. Fashion photograph © Vered Koshlano This post started out as just an observation: people all around the world paint their faces. In Brazil (bottom left), the Tarino Indians paint their faces so that when they go into the rain forest, the spirits recognize them and protect […]

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Transient Light: A Photographic Guide to Capturing the Medium Author: Ian Cameron Publisher: Photographers’ Institute Press Review by Conrad J. Obregon It’s a strange first thought to have about a landscape photography book: Great Britain must be quite small! That’s because so many of the pictures in this book resembled those of a flock of […]

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Speedlights & Speedlites: Creative Flash Photography at the Speed of Light Authors: Lou Jones, Bob Kennan and Steve Ostrowski Publisher: Focal Press (Elsevier) Review by Conrad J. Obregon The relatively new flash systems offered by Nikon and Canon, which allow an amazing degree of automated control over illumination (with an increase in a certain type […]

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Image and Post by Rick Sammon Here are a few photographs that one of my studio lighting expert friends, Vered Koshlano (http://www.byvk.com), took of me in her NYC studio. We took these shots (adding a light source as we moved along) to illustrate several different lighting techniques. Here is what we did for the four […]

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NOTE: We had a mic fail half way through the show and I had to switch to a cheap headset mic. Sorry for the audio quality – it’s been corrected for our next show

Photofocus Episode 6

Host: Scott Bourne (www.scottbourne.com or www.twitter.com/scottbourne)

Show notes by Bruce Clarke (www.momentsindigital.com or www.twitter.com/bruceclarke)

Welcome to Episode Number 6 of Photofocus with Scott Bourne and Rick Sammon. The show devoted to your photography questions about anything photography related including gear, technique, locations, etc. Your questions will shape the direction of this show so be sure to send your questions to [email protected]. You can also send your questions via Twitter to either Scott or Rick. Use the hashtag #photoqa to make sure that we can find them. We will try to answer as many as we can but we get a lot of questions so we’ll try to take a collection of questions that represent a particular topic and present them together.

This week we are talking about flash photography.

Question One – Lighting Recommendations

@arielko can you recommend any strobes, ring flashes, power packs? but not as expensive as Profoto, broncolor. Is White Lighting good?

Rick: I’m a Canon explorer of light and as far as ring flashes I’ve only tried the MR 14EX and the Macro Twin Lite 24 EX. I like the less expensive 14EX for 2 reasons. It’s easier to use and it gives off a nice diffuse type of lighting.

Scott: I use Elinchrom which is unfortunately very expensive but most of my friends on a budget rave about Alien Bees. Alien Bees also offers a ring flash but the Ray Flash adapter will work with any flash and turn it into a ring flash. When it comes to lighting equipment you do tend to get what you pay for. If you’re going to be hauling it around, the cheaper stuff doesn’t tend to fair so well.

Rick: Another option is Westcott makes the Apollo and the mini-Apollo. You can put any type of flash in them and trigger them with something like a PocketWizard. Continue reading

Photography is all about light. You need to be all about the light if you want to be a good photographer. You need to be a “Light and Shadow Warrior.” Sounds cool huh? But when you think about it, serious photography is all about the battle for light and shadow. The word “photography”, which comes […]

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