Taming Unwanted Reflections

Photographing interiors means dealing with tons of reflective surfaces just waiting to spoil the fun. These little mirrors are everywhere bringing unwanted reflections into what would be an otherwise inviting inside space. The answer is simple. Show those offensive mirrored surfaces what you want the camera to see–nothing! Essential tools In order to successfully avoid […]

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Learn how to easily make targeted color adjustments of a single object in Photoshop using selections, adjustment layers, and layer masks. Follow Howard on Twitter This Post Sponsored by: Drobo. A family of Safe, Simple, and Expandable storage systems for capture in the field, editing in the studio, or backup and archive. Zenfolio. Looking for more than […]

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When you are first learning Photoshop, layer masks can seem overwhelming and confusing. It’s ok, photoshop itself can be overwhelming and confusing. I promise, once you understand the basics of Layer Masks, you’ll be glad to utilize this skill in your post processing workflow. In fact, you will find that using layer masks is one […]

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In a hurry? We’ve got you covered. In 1 minute, learn how to change eye color in Photoshop using a basic selection, masking, and Adjustment Layers. Disclaimer: This is just one way to change eye color in Photoshop. For more tutorials go to www.iceflowstudios.com or get daily tips and updates on Twitter. ______ This Post Sponsored by: LensRentals.com Be a […]

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We’ve explored layer masks in-depth recently.  If you make a great mask and you want to apply it, you can make the effect permanent.

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If your image has a strong area of color, then you can often build a selection using a channel. Learn how to use layer masks for a nondestructive way to hide pixels in a photo. Can’t see the video?  Click Here. Disclaimer: This is just one way to work with masks. _________________________ This Post Sponsored by: […]

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We last explored the properties panel as a useful way to modify masks, Adobe Photoshop offers an even better approach. Watch how to utilize the Refine Mask Command. Can’t see the video?  Click Here. Disclaimer: This is just one way to work with masks. ______ This Post Sponsored by: lynda.com Learn photography anytime, anywhere, and at […]

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