Photos by Scott Bourne and Greg Martin

When I first heard about the Lastolite HiLite I thought to myself, “if this works, it is a money maker for portrait studios pure and simple.”

I won’t hold you in suspense. It works.

You need one strobe to fill the HiLite background with light and you end up with an absolutely perfect hi-key background. Is this a big deal? You bet it is. Try getting a perfect, evenly-lit, high-key background with three lights on your own. It’s hard. With the HiLite, you get it right in five to ten minutes with just one head.

As for details, it’s a simple system. You get a large, blue case that looks like it holds a circular pop-up reflector. When you open the case and unfold the HiLite, it spreads to an incredible 6×7 feet. (There is also a 5×7 feet version.)

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