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Several years ago I was at one of the big photo trade shows. I had paid for a conference ticket and took some of the seminars. I remember not being all that impressed with some of the Photoshop instructors at the show. I wasn’t really learning anything in the conference sessions. So I decided to hit the show floor. In one of the booths, a woman named Katrin Eismann was doing some demos on how to retouch a portrait using Photoshop. I took a seat, and over the next hour learned more about Photoshop than I had the entire conference. I think she’s one of the best Photoshop instructors I’ve ever seen and accordingly, am thrilled to interview her for Photofocus.

1 – Scott: Please tell me how and when you got into photography/Photoshop.

The first time I went to college I wasn’t very happy or productive with the major that I chose and one day my roommate pushed her camera into my hands and practically kicked me out of the apartment! I came back about 30 minutes later and asked her how to turn the camera on and that was it – I was hooked! I remember that first walk with her camera as if it was yesterday. The concentration and focus of looking through the world through a viewfinder was intoxicating. I still see more clearly when I have a camera with me.

2 – Scott: What is your favorite photographic location or subject?

I like to photograph subjects that aren’t obvious or intentionally pretty including; the overlooked and discarded, abandoned and forgotten. People leave traces on the landscape and tell stories through what they throw away and I like to discover and tell those stories with my photographs.

3 – Scott: Can you recall the first photograph you made that caused you to think WOW – that’s a good shot and if so, what was it?

It was a panoramic, infrared landscape of a WW1 war memorial in Germany and I had to go to the site a number of times to catch the moment when the light came through the memorial entrance. The light created the impression that the solder’s souls were speaking out.

4 – Scott: Do you have any formal training in photography, art, Photoshop or a related field and do you think that’s important for aspiring serious photographers? Continue reading