Independence Day fireworks displays happen in a couple of days.  An almost unimaginable number of photographs will be made of these blazing bursts of colorful light and smoke. Sadly, what we remember of these magnificently ephemeral moments just aren’t what we see when the photographs are showing on monitors. If your photos from the upcoming […]

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July 4th has come and gone, and if you’re like me, the fireworks are an excuse to whip out the camera, and go outside! Here are a few of my favorite firework images that I took. Continue reading

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Article by Scott Bourne and Richard Harrington Today is the Fourth of July.  A day that traditionally means fireworks in the United States.  While you may or may not celebrate this holiday, summer is a season filled with fireworks.  Sporting events, amusement parks, and national holidays… it’s not a party until something explodes in the […]

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