If you’re like 97% of the photographers who read this blog, you are involved in digital photography. And that means you have to consider backing up your digital photo library. You do have a backup don’t you? If not, stop reading right now and go make at least one back up and then come back to the blog.

Assuming you understand how important it is to backup your digital photos, you might have access to a backup drive you hadn’t counted on – your iPod.

That’s right, the iPod makes a wonderful backup device. If you have a large enough iPod (The new iPod Classic from Apple offers up to 160 Gigs of storage) and if you have a small enough photo library, your iPod (in a pinch) can make a wonderful emergency backup device.

Back when I photographed weddings, I carried my iPod with me and transferred images from the CF cards to my laptop and then from the laptop to the iPod. I carried the CF cards and the iPod in my pocket during the wedding and left the laptop in the trunk. That way I always had the wedding stored in at least two locations.
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