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I’ve been saying for a long time now that cameras need to evolve to where they’re an open computing platform. To where all of the hardware on the device can be programmatically controlled by onboard software applications. Unfortunately we haven’t seen a whole lot of movement in this area from the big camera manufacturers, other than a bit of SDK support by Canon and (finally) Nikon and some interesting but cumbersome hackish options.

I know that part of the reason for this is that the software/firmware on a camera isn’t really designed with this in mind – it’s not necessarily an easy change to develop an architecture that would support 3rd party applications. Which is why I’m starting to think that this will end up being solved in the other direction – by dedicated computing platforms that also happen to have camera capabilities. Platforms like, for instance, the iPhone. Continue reading

While we cover a more serious brand of photography here at This Week in Photography, as an iPhone junky and a photographer, I couldn’t help being amused by this statistic I saw on Flickr. According to Flickr, more camera phone photos on Flickr come from an iPhone than any other camera phone, including the much […]

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