This post is going to be my little PSA for all photographers out there. Whether you consider yourself a professional or not, whether you have a ton of equipment or just a body and a lens or two, please, for the love of all images, get yourself insured!!! This friendly PSA comes from experience. Several […]

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Being a photographer, whether as a hobbyist or a professional, requires us to have gear. Much of that gear is expensive, be it cameras, lenses, tripods, and even some accessories. Due to the nature of our work, we will oftentimes be out-and-about with our camera equipment, which involves the risk of losing our gear, having […]

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It’s every photographer’s nightmare. You park your car at the bank, or the dry cleaners for just 10 minutes. You come back and all your gear has been stolen from your car in a smash and grab.

You’ll certainly have that sick feeling in your stomach, followed by panic, rage and ultimately resolve.

But how will you be made whole again? Continue reading