If we can’t occasionally laugh at ourselves (or at least some of the fauxtographers we meet) then life is too short.  This one is occasionally groan worthy, but has a few good quips. This Post Sponsored by: Photoshop World. Learn more in 3 days than you have in 3 years. Photoshop World is the leading conference for […]

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We’ve featured Glove and Boots on Photofocus once before. Their Vertical Video Syndrome PSA is a classic. They’re also done a Photoshop tutorial that’s absolutely crazy (but mostly accurate).  Enjoy a little light-hearted humor. They even offer downloads to follow along. This Post Sponsored by: Drobo. A family of Safe, Simple, and Expandable storage systems for […]

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Seems like photographers and videographers often can get in each other’s ways at events.  Whether it’s fighting for the same spot, different approaches to lighting, or just the sound of the camera click getting picked up by a mic… it seems these two groups often fight. Here’s a humorous look at the classic battle.  What […]

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As many of you wind down for a few days off for the holidays, let us present you with a frivolous moment.  While the “advice” given here probably won’t help any of you with your photography, it may at least make you smile at the things we’re often asked to shoot. Disclaimer: This is humor. […]

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How many of these have you heard before? Hopefully this makes you laugh and not want to strangle your next subject.

Of course we’re guilty of some pretty silly things too.

Before I start a flame war… “I kid… I kid…”

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This is a guest post by Dave Wilson.  Circle Dave on Google+.  Dear security guard, I’m delighted that you have a good job, a nice uniform and a sense of authority. When exercising this newfound power, especially in the context of terrorism prevention, you may find the following hints and tips helpful. Almost everyone walking […]

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