Post & Photo by Joe Farace – Follow Joe on Twitter The Holga camera was originally produced in Hong Kong in 1982 and uses 120 roll film because at the time it was the most widely available film in China. It’s name purportedly comes from the Chinese phrase ho gwong meaning “very bright.” Unpredictable results […]

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Recently, I got to say a phrase that I hadn’t uttered in at least five years:

“I’ve got a roll of film for processing. Single prints, please, glossy finish.”

As a wee photography-obsessed lad, I would often pore through the ads in a decade’s worth of Popular Photography at my school library and dream of the day I’d finally make the jump to medium format. That’s the kind of film the pros use!

Well, I’m proud to tell you that the day has finally come, some two decades later.

Of course, in the dream, I was taking pictures with a $5000 Hasselblad or a Mamiya. Not a $40 Chinese camera with a knobby plastic lens that looks like it was designed to squirt water instead of focus light.

Many of you are way ahead of me: yes, I acquired a Holga camera. It was an magnificently cool gift from the Washington Apple Pi user group, which they presented to me after I gave a talk at their big holiday meeting. Continue reading