I’ve started focussing on how to get the most out of real-estate shots.  Particularly when those photos have to be taken under poor lighting and high contrast situations.  Before you say shoot at a better time of day, you need to know that most photographers shooting real estate have few options to control this.  Here […]

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With HDR photography you end up with several exposures that need to be merged.  This is relatively easy when a tripods involved, but what happens when you have to shoot handheld… in low light.  Let me show you the easiest way to make a great HDR image under tough conditions.

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This video goes through the process of post processing the 5 bracketed HDR image in Lightroom and Photoshop, and how Graduated Filters can ‘spice’ up your images! Disclaimer: This is just one way to edit sunsets For more tutorials go to www.iceflowstudios.com or get daily tips and updates on Twitter. ______ This Post Sponsored by: Viewbug  Stick With Viewbug […]

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The original image with a color cast.

As you work with HDR images, it’s often easy to pick up a visible color cast. In fact, just about any image can pick up unwanted color in the highlights or shadows that can be removed for a more polished image. The photo above is a seven bracket series was first post processed in Photomatix […]

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I always love good time-lapse. I’m also a big fan of HDR.  What’s even cooler though is when the photographer combines time-lapse with HDR toning to really make their images. pop!  Have a look at some great shots. Drew Geraci is the photographer on this piece.  He has worked as the lead multimedia producer for The Washington […]

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This week’s show features three interviews with three experts in the photo industry.  Melissa Niu catches up with photographer and retoucher Glyn Dewis. Then Rich Harrington welcomes back Ron Pepper to talk about changes to HDRSoft’s Photomatix. Finally Kevin Stohlmeyer discusses strategies to learn new tools and techniques for post-processing and publishing. Here is the new […]

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I’ve been digging really deep into Photomatix lately (I’m working on a new Lynda.com class). I’ve come across a feature that I absolutely love, and I’m using it on many images that I’d never though of using HDR on. A lot of times, running HDR on a single image results in a lot of noise and […]

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