This week we catch up with a photographer and a Lightroom expert.  First Pamela Berry talks with photographer and music video producer Chris Horseman.  Then Robert Vanelli talks with Bryan O’Neil Highes from Adobe about his photography, Lightroom, and Lightroom Mobile.

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A recent addition to my bag of tricks is a motorized turntable.  This type of product is perfect for creating moving footage of products or detailed items.  This works well for things like product demonstrations, award shows, and marketing videos. In my case the Turntable is from eMotimo and it attaches to the TB3 robotic […]

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This article was cowritten with my friend James Ball Three-point lighting is the basic starting point for film and video. It can also be used well as a portrait lighting approach for photography.  What’s ideally happening is that the subject is light in a way that illuminates their face (with one side more dominant) and […]

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Looking to up your video game?  Consider stepping up to a Hollywood class lens for your next “big” project.  Digital Cinema lenses offer great booked, fast shooting speeds, and great tone and color.  These lenses are beautiful, but come with hefty price tags. But why drop all that money if you don’t need to.  In […]

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With the release of Photoshop CS6, Adobe introduced the ability to edit video footage. If you’re a Photoshop CC customer, it gets even better.  These seven videos walk you through the entire process from building a sequence to working with audio and exporting your video in a variety of high-quality formats. Learn how Photoshop’s strongest […]

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When framing and lighting a video interview, you need to give close consideration to where your subject is looking in the frame.  This is often called the eye line and it has a huge impact on overall composition. This is an excerpt from a full-length class from out partners at The complete course is 2 hours […]

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