DISCLAIMER: Drobo sponsors the Photofocus podcast. This review was not purchased and is independent of our arrangement to promote Drobo products. The folks over at Drobo have been on a rampage releasing new products lately with major upgrades across the whole product line. We’ve already given detailed reviews on the Drobo 5D and Mini which […]

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Welcome to the Drobo Contest Prizes: Drobo 5D w/ 64 GB mSATA Accelerator Card & I pay the taxes! (PLEASE READ THIS PAGE CAREFULLY – IT ANSWERS ALL YOUR LEGITIMATE QUESTIONS ABOUT THE CONTEST!) Here’s how to enter. – Follow ScottBourne on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/scottbourne) – Follow Drobo on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/drobo) That’s all there is to […]

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It’s simply one of the most important subjects we can talk about. Backup. While photographers often think nothing of spending thousands of dollars on a lens, they’re typically tighter than the bark on a tree when it comes to spending money for backup.

While money is an issue, the other big problem has been ease-of-use. Most backup systems are hard to master or simply don’t work. Photographers often use this as an excuse not to back up their libraries.

That’s got to stop. And here to help is the Drobo, from Data Robotics.

I first saw the Drobo (the world’s first data robot) at Macworld 08. Their booth was packed with onlookers. It was hard to get a press demo. The idea is a very simple and popular one. The Drobo automatically formats and rearranges data on your hard drives. The robot part refers to the fact that the Drobo automatically moves data around so you’re safe in case of drive failure. Continue reading