You’ve probably noticed that Damien Lovegrove has been demonstrating lighting and posing techniques here on Photofocus. I’ve enjoyed these posts immensely, and have been floored by his concise and clear instructions accompanied by stunning images. I’ve been fortunate to also watch his tutorial called Hollywood Portraits Remastered, and I highly recommend it to you. Lovegrove […]

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This week’s show features three of the photo industry’s best and brightest.  First up,  Melissa Niu interviews Damien Lovegrove, a portrait photographer from the UK. Next Rich Harrington interviews Mike Kubeisy about his work in Hollywood. Finally, Julieanne Kost shares her insights into photography and Adobe.

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This is how I light some of my street portraits using the two point lighting technique that I learned way back in the 1980s while I was training at the BBC. The two point light principle is simplicity itself with the subject being lit from two opposing directions with the light sources are 180 degrees […]

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He’s inspired by beauty of all types and claims to see beauty in just about anyone.  And when I see his work and the connection he has with his subjects, I believe him.  With over 14 years of working as a cameraman and lighting director at BBC, he learned the art of light and the […]

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