Photo & Post by Dane Sanders Editor’s NOTE: This is a guest post by my friend Dane Sanders. He’s got lots of good things to say to photographers who want to go or stay pro. Visit to learn more information about Dane. Since we photographers are largely made up of independent Creatives looking to […]

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Sony makes first loss in 14 years. Microsoft has its first down quarter ever. Unemployment is rampant and in the USA, the housing market is just now bottoming out. This isn’t news. We’re stuck in a worldwide recession. The economy — to put it simply  — sucks. We will come out of this. Things will […]

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Sink or Swim – it’s up to you


Photo and post by Rick Sammon – Follow Rick on Twitter

No doubt the economy is in bad shape – with the stock market chart looking like a bad histogram (with all the shadows blocked up and no highlights).

Like most of my professional photographers, my business has been affected. Book sales and workshop attendance is down. Magazines are shrinking (some have gone out of business) – reducing the available pages for articles. Shooting fees are being reduced, and stock photography sales are slower. The list goes on.

I know a few photographers who feel as though they are drowning in this economy, and I don’t blame them. However, to encourage them, I share this quote: “You don’t drown by falling in water; you only drown if you stay there” – Zig Ziglar

Me? I stepped up my game. You? The choice is yours, sink or enjoy the swim.

Here’s a look at a few of the things that I’ve done to keep me riding on the high seas, along with a bit of advice to navigate through these troubled waters.

With workshop attendance down, I started my own workshop right here in Croton-on-Hudson, NY. I had wanted to do that for years, but hadn’t, because, rather than organizing everything myself, I just wanted to show up on site for an organized workshop (set up my the Maine Media Workshop, Palm Beach Photographic Centre, Popular Photography, Venice School of Photography, and so on). In less than a month, the workshop, during which the group will shoot at the largest Buddhist temple in the United States, as well as in and around Croton, was sold out. Sure, it’s a lot of work setting up my workshop, but I love it – because it is totally mine.

My advice: set up your own workshop, even if it’s only with a few students for starters. Use your house as home base, as I am doing. Keep expenses down. Continue reading

I bought an audio book, a movie and a song at the iTunes Store last week. This week I bought an iPhone application and another song. What would happen if Apple ever opened up the iTunes Store as a publishing platform for photographers? What if we could sell photo books, prints, posters, greeting cards, calendars, […]

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Since purchasing my iPhone the day it launched, I’ve shown my portfolio to more people than I did the ten years before that date. It’s amazing to me how much this has changed the way I show my work. In the old days, I’d spend literally hundreds of dollars (those are old days dollars mind […]

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