Guest post by Kylee Ann.  Outfit choice can make or break a photo. As the photographer, we are supposed to be the experts. We take pictures ALL the time, but this is a very special occasion for the family. It might be their annual session or their first family session ever. It is our job to […]

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If you are in business, odds are that you aren’t the only person trying to make money in your field of work. Whether you are a wedding photographer or provide professional photo editing services, odds are that your job is not “cookie cutter”. You create something special for your clients, and that “something” cannot be replicated […]

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LovesomePhotoFacetoFace-006 copy

A wedding photographer colleague of mine came to me the other day bummed out. She had gotten a less than stellar review on one of the bridal industry’s most used websites for brides to find vendors. She was frustrated and I was surprised. I know her work well and she’s exceptional. She’s cultivated a style […]

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If you have a website to highlight your work, certainly you’ve heard the dreaded term SEO before. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s essentially the tactics to get your website noticed by Google and other search engines. The Essentials of SEO Now before we get started, I want to mention again that this […]

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Note: We’ve got a great event toady Justin and Mary Marantz. This event is totally free. Don’t miss today’s Google Hangout. The event is today, Wednesday, January 28, 2015.  It’s absolutely free to attend thanks to Adobe, SongFreedom and Drobo. It starts at 3PM Eastern/Noon Pacific.  Join Skip Cohen and Richard Harrington and special guests Justin and Mary Marantz. We’ll explore practical […]

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"Bright Bulb" by Steve Jurvetson

“What you do for a living is not be creative, what you do is ship.” — Seth Godin At the bottom of this post, you will find a video recently posted by a good friend of mine who owns small game publishing house. He and his partner are well-respected in their industry for delivering quality […]

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Thanks for all the great questions you’ve been sending in to the Photofocus podcast.  This week Rich Harrington and Kevin Ames tackle some great topics to help photographers. Remember, you can post those questions via Twitter with the #pfqa or send us a note here at Photofocus.

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