To see a video presentation of my Bosque slide show, visit this link… To those who celebrate, Merry Christmas. Tomorrow I’ll post another edition of Photofocus the podcast. On Christmas Eve I decided to re-run the Bosque Diary – all four parts as one post. Enjoy the post and the holiday. Birds of Bosque 2012 […]

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In my last installment of the diary, I said I was hoping for some weather at Bosque del Apache. Well I got it – perhaps I should have been more specific. I wasn’t hoping for deep, dark clouds and driving rain. I was shut out at the blast off. There was no light. But I […]

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There’s no sound like it on earth. Thousands of birds leaving at once, flying skyward in search of food. There’s no visual like it on earth. The sky can seem to darken as the mass of birds obscures the sky on their flight northward. Only those who have been there in person really know what […]

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NOTE: Click here if you’re looking for the “Cranes in the Fire Mist” shot.

I’m sick, tired and making the long drive home to Gig Harbor, but none of that matters. I’ll be home in a few hours. When I get there, I will have traveled through eight states in 17 days, and driven 4400 miles in the new photo work truck. I will have met with a photowalking group in Salt Lake, made a speech at the raptor center near Boise, shot the Colorado river and Arches National Park as well as Shiprock, NM and of course the refuge at Bosque. Oh yeah, and did I mention I was sick? :)

The shooting at Bosque this year was darn good. In fact, the refuge itself was fantastic. I believe that the physical conditions at the refuge were as good as they’ve been in a decade. The right ponds were full of water. My friend Artie Morris was allowed to take a volunteer crew into the refuge to clear brush and provide good shooting lanes. Much of the excess vegetation that had grown around the ponds had been plowed under.

Last year, it was just the opposite. The refuge management had allowed vegetation to grow in ways that made it impossible to get good shots. They didn’t fill some of the best ponds, and photography there was nearly impossible.

While this year’s conditions were great, the weather wasn’t that helpful. It was very warm. And while my bones appreciated the warmth, the birds didn’t. Warm temperatures caused the birds to change their behavior. Additionally, climate change has caused fewer and fewer birds to make the trip to Bosque. Bird counts are down compared to a decade ago.
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