Author: David Nightingale Publisher: Focal Press (Elsevier) Reviewer: Conrad J. Obregon A physicist acquaintance who specializes in digital imaging tells me that increasing resolution or reducing noise in digital sensors are much easier problems to solve then extending the range of light of sensors to equal the human eye. In the unlikely event that you […]

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Author: Ted Dillard Publisher: Lark Books (Sterling Publishing Co.) Review by Conrad J. Obregon Smart Object Pipeline: Revolutionary Tactics for the Photoshop Layer Workflow Warning! This book is only for experienced users of Photoshop (PS) and the Adobe Camera Raw Plug-in (ACR). Although smart objects have been around since PS 2, and although most PS […]

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Art Photography Now

Author: Susan Bright

Publisher: Aperture Foundation

Review by Conrad J. Obregon

Even the author Susan Bright admits in her introduction that Art Photography is hard to define. (Some aestheticians even claim that photography is not an art.) She appears to offer an operational definition. If it’s taken with a camera and people are willing to pay for it and hang it on a wall then it is art photography. The problem for Bright is that that definition includes images by artists ranging from Annie Liebovitz and Art Wolfe to the most extreme of the post-modernists and it is clear from the pictures in the book that that is not what Bright is presenting. Instead she seems to be aiming at some middle ground. Continue reading