If you’re shooting in a studio for compositing with Photoshop then you may be using a grey or green backdrop. I was spending a long time making masks until I saw this cool tip from Photoshop trainer Dave Cross, the time it’s saved me, thanks Dave! Open the images For this example I’ve got two […]

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This week we catch up with a photographer and a Lightroom expert.  First Levi Sim sits down with guru and photographer Terry White to talk Lightroom, gear, gadgets, and portfolios.  Then Pamela sits down with Zach Sutton to dig into his start in photography and some practical advice.

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Photographers always say they like to make pictures that tell a story, and I feel the same way. During my last formal photography class (in high school!) I had an assignment to do a photo essay and I was supposed to compose a story with photographs. I bombed it. My essay was so boring, I […]

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Step 5: Wait a few moments, and you will see the preset apply to your photos.

When processing photos in Lightroom’s Develop module, if you want to apply a preset you are only able to apply the preset to one file at a time. Sure, you can sync the files, but that one extra step can be a nuisance if you would like to simply use a preset. Thankfully, there is […]

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Earlier this week we held a fun hangout with Bryan O’Neil Hughes from Adobe to talk about mobile workflow and the new Adobe apps.  A ton of interesting things were covered and a bunch of secrets came out on how to really unlock power inside the apps.  There were even a few big hints dropped […]

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In this free webinar, you’ll learn the essential skills and advanced secrets to make great looking wildlife photos. Free Webinar: Making Compelling Wildlife Photographs with Scott Bourne Scott Bourne will share secrets and practical advice that went into the making of some of his favorite and best-known images.  He’ll discuss both shooting and postproduction techniques that […]

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