There is no reason I shouldn’t have a camera.  If this is too much, I was in the wrong business.

-Ricky Powell


Clipping can really screw up a photo. As you make adjustments to a developed image, it’s possible to clip data (essentially create a loss of detail in the shadows or higlights).  Crush the whites or blacks in an image and you’ll lose important areas and range.  Sure, the problem shows up most when you print, but it […]

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I’ve been working with a great athlete lately Zach DiPaolo.  He flies through the air on motorbikes (a skill I can’t possibly fathom to develop). To do this I needed some specialty gear. This week, Director of Photography Jim Ball and I set out to really capture Zach in as many ways as possible. I […]

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This week’s podcast adds a brand new guest as well as a segment to the show.  First up, Rich catches up with Drew Geraci of District 7 Media who’s timelapse and HDR photography has appeared in television shows and commercials.  Then Melissa Niu chats with Chase Reynolds and Joey Miller about the most in-demand gear […]

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“In photography there are no shadows that cannot be illuminated.”

 August Sander


I got my hands on the new Nikon DF and let’s be honest, it’s an adorably attractive camera body.  My love of all things retro sparked some interest in this new DSLR with FX sensor.  I watched a few videos and reviews mocking the design and calling it a “marketing scheme” or desperate attempt on […]

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“Jack of All Trades — Master of None” “You Can’t Be Good at Everything” These two phrases have haunted me for much of my professional career.  I always wanted to “do it all.”  I’m persistent… I’m a risk taker.  I “get things done.” But the truth is that you cannot be good at everything.  It […]

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