If you’re like me (and 200-million other people on this planet) you probably have an Instagram account. Instagram has redefined instant photo-sharing, making our mobile phones vessels to show the world what we eat, where we travel, and what our pets are doing. For me, I use it to share my life. Outings with friends, which are typically photography-related, […]

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I can’t tell you how many pictures I’ve missed, ignored, trampled, or otherwise lost just ‘cause I’ve been so hell bent on getting the shot I think I want.

— Joe McNally


Are you looking to be a faster Photoshop User?  There are several different ways to get to the tools you need inside Photoshop. You can click the tool icon. To access nested tools (those that share the same well), click and hold the mouse button on the tool icon. You can also hold down the […]

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So there’s maybe more bungles that people would make if they didn’t know any better or were just starting off. I figured that there could be some extra help in identifying some of the more recent blunders that have been popping up more often in communities that I’m associated with. Before you read this, make […]

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Recently I had an interesting encounter on Twitter. It started when Lightroom graciously retweeted one of my recent posts about the newly updated Lightroom Mobile, and it prompted someone on Twitter to reply very harshly, implying that I was not a “real” photographer. Now, I am not one to feed the trolls, but I had to […]

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Double Exposure is catching on as quite the artistic trend.  Whether it’s digital or analog, the process of double exposing your frame always makes for an interesting and beautiful mix of emotion.  And our friends over at ViewBug had a great contest for double exposures, and the top 26 were quite fantastic. “Spirit Within” by elyktra […]

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Did you know that Zeiss is in the business of selling magic? I’m not talking about prestidigitation, here–I mean real wizardry packaged in metal and glass. I recently rented a package of Zeiss primes from (they should rename this the Magus Package) and it’s really amazing that a tool could actually affect my pictures […]

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