There’s a few times that I’m using Photoshop Element’s that I think ‘I wish this was in Photoshop!’. The Graphic Novel filter is one these. The Graphic Novel Filter With an image loaded head to the Filter menu. Under the Sketch menu there’s a few filters, one of these is the Graphic Novel filter; Choose […]

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This is an excerpt from my newest eBook, Light Stories II, which you can download for FREE on my blog. Click here to learn more. We all have our own definitions of “beauty”. The color red may be bold, beautiful, and invigorating to some, while to others it has a different meaning, feeling, or emotion (or […]

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Want to do chromakey shooting?  A FlexiFill backdrop is very useful for quick chromakey jobs.  This spring loaded type backdrop offers both a blue and green surface for shooting and is virtually wrinkle-free.  This is good because wrinkles cause shadows which lead to a bad key. This specific tutorial is from the Video Gear Weekly series […]

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The Adobe® Creative Cloud™ (“CC” for short) subscription model has been out for some time now, but it seems that there is still some confusion on how the Creative Cloud actually works. Because of this, I thought I would write up a post to try and squash the misunderstandings about “the cloud” when it refers to Adobe. Here’s a break-down of how the […]

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There are few actual living legends. There are fewer still actual living legends in photography. 84-year-old Jay Maisel is the latter. He’s won every photography award that matters and achieved more than most of us could hope to dream. His portfolio includes his the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Miles Davis. The nice thing about […]

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Everybody starts off with the most essential quality of a good photographer – honesty to himself. A mother taking pictures of a baby on a beach with a box Brownie has this honesty. No illusions, no pretensions. She is not trying to be arty or clever. She photographs what she likes, simply and directly. All photographers start off with this honesty but most unfortunately lose it as soon as they attempt to become a “better” photographer.

– David Hurn


Today is Mother’s Day in many parts of the world, and it got me thinking about the role of family in my life. It was my mom who paid for those first rolls of film to be developed and all those flash cubes that I used on that early Kodak 110 film camera.  It was […]

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