Far and away my favorite subject to photograph for relaxation and practice is in the Landscape venue. Having grown up in the Blue Ridge mountain region of Southwest Virginia, learning to make better landscape photographs has been a staple in my own learning curve over the years and an ever-present means of practice to this […]

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Lightroom is liberating and fun. It gave me back the results I used to get finishing my pictures in the dark room, plus several techniques that I never learned. It’s a great tool. It’s just not enough. I still need photoshop to help me finish the visions I have for my imagery, and there are […]

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In the last couple of articles we’ve been discussing a few tips, techniques and insights into getting started with real estate photography. In part one, we covered exteriors shooting, moved inside for a closer look at interiors shooting in part two, and examined making floor plans. Today we’ll explore a few useful post-production tips that will make […]

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Our next Lightroom Hangout is next Wednesday, October 29th. RSVP for an hour of Lightroom learning FREE right here. Join Rob Sylvan and Levi Sim and their special guest Ron Pepper, a photographer who makes a living shooting panoramas and HDR’s photographs. It’s incredible the uses he’s put these photographic techniques to, and he’s a real a […]

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Hello Hero 4

We have a new GoPro. In fact, we have three. Like many of you, I have been waiting for these new action cameras to drop. Now that they have, let’s take a look at what each offers, where it might fit in in your kit and what the new entries might signal about the future […]

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If you want to see images that make our world look it’s best, you’ll want to see Toby’s magnificent portfolio. He doesn’t stay confined to one genre, instead looking at making the best possible images of the world around him. “I don’t think I have one particular style. And I don’t think I ever want one. […]

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Everything in an image is important. Everything.

So, even if you have this beautiful band of color in the middle, everything matters all the way to the edges.

— Robert Rodriguez Jr.