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I photograph a lot of people in their places–people working and living and their environments. These environmental portraits are so much fun to make, but I’ve usually got a limited time to make them–business people can only halt business for so long while I make pictures. That’s why it’s important that I have some systems […]

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Although traditionally Photoshop has been a photo editing application, newer versions of the software (CS6 Extended and later) can also handle video. In this tutorial, see how to assemble a time-lapse sequence in Photoshop. Watch more at http://www.lynda.com/Final-Cut-Pro-tu…. Join Me For a Night Sky Workshop in Las Vegas I’m teaching a night sky workshop in Las […]

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This week’s podcast offers a special treat.  We talk Scott Bourne out of retirement to come on to one show as a guest.  Rich and Scott catch up about Fuji cameras and cloud photo editing.  Then Levi Sim sites down with boudoir photographer Jennifer Rozenbaum to learn about her approach.


While many have heard of (or even tried) HDR, chances are we’re not making the most of the process – in fact we’re likely overdoing it.  To help you learn more, we’ve lined up a top expert for an interactive discussion and webinar. To learn more about how Google Hangouts work, click here. Mastering HDR & Photomatix […]

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Six years ago I started making pictures, and I dove right in planning to make a portrait business. The best thing I did was attend David Ziser‘s workshop where he taught me that shadow and light are the most important technical things to learn in photography. He showed image after image of stunning portraits, and […]

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Far and away my favorite subject to photograph for relaxation and practice is in the Landscape venue. Having grown up in the Blue Ridge mountain region of Southwest Virginia, learning to make better landscape photographs has been a staple in my own learning curve over the years and an ever-present means of practice to this […]

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Lovesome Photography Canon Beach

It can happen to the best of us; that moment when you panic and look at a location and your brain freezes and you can’t think of anything even remotely unique and fun to do. At that moment, try to remember to use your backgrounds wisely. What I mean by that is a background is […]

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