Punalu'u Beach

Ever since moving to the Pacific Northwest, I definitely have had my fair share of photographing waterfalls. In fact, I became infatuated with landscape photography after realizing that I could, in fact, photograph a “moving” landscape and make it amazingly beautiful! The main thing that pulled me in was blurring water; I was able to transform splashing, fast-moving water […]

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Last year at Photoshop World, I was introduced to Jeremy Cowart’s work by a close friend who considers Cowart a big influence on his own work. I liked what I saw and began following Cowart’s blog. Recently, he was named the Most Socially Influential Photographer on the Internet. Cowart responded to this accolade with tremendous […]

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  I first met Alex Reside at a small cafe on San Francisco’s waterfront. After a few minutes shooting the breeze, I immediately liked the guy. Smart, witty and down to earth, Alex doesn’t come off as a typical photography superstar. His humble smile and demeanor wouldn’t let on that he’s a wildly successful photographer […]

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2014-08-11 One Last Morning

Rod Stewart sang the question: “Every picture tells a story, don’t it?” Telling stories… Ideally Rod would be right. Sadly, some stories can’t be told with a single photo. There are those that take a series. Consider this challenge: Photograph, or more accurately, document the tearing down of one home and the construction of a […]

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They race by you faster than a speeding bullet with the echo from the roar of their little engines.  No, I’m not talking about a race car.  I’m talking about something that might be considered the most difficult subject to photograph. The two-year-old. They laugh, they cry, they wiggle and throw tantrums.  They run, they mess […]

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Everything in an image is important. Everything.

So, even if you have this beautiful band of color in the middle, everything matters all the way to the edges.

— Robert Rodriguez Jr.


It goes without saying that one of the chief goals as a photographer is to clearly convey what the subject is within your photo. Effectively doing so makes it easy for the viewer to focus exactly where you intended them to. However, it is not always that easy to do so when you’re in the […]

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