This week’s podcast interviews photographers Cindy Harter Sims about printmaking and competitions.  Then we catch up with well-known glamour photographer Lou Freeman. Tune in and get inspired.

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Recently, a post of mine shared the planning process and the initial set build for a portrait session for Atlanta musician Jeff Paige. This one deep dives into the rest of the details. Lighting Without question every photograph is all about the light. The tools available allow us to sculpt exactly the look and feel […]

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Smokin Photos

It was a dark and foggy night. The moon was a fuzzy ball hanging low in the sky…The foggy part of the sentence sets the mood. The sky is a hazy mist. Would it be nice to have fog on demand? Think smoke anytime–anywhere. Oh, I know about the classic fog maker, dry ice and […]

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After a hiatus, we’ve brought back the Question and Answer format to the Photofocus podcast. We got a lot of feedback at our reader’s breakfast and decided to pull the format back out. Our goal is to once a month get answers to questions you have.  You can post those questions via Twitter with the […]

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Are you looking for a great way to touch up your images or remove blemishes?  Well you have access to the Spot Removal tool which is surprisingly versatile. Advanced Healing Brush (a.k.a. the Spot Removal tool) Lightroom 5, Adobe Bridge and Photoshop CC 2014 all share the Camera Raw 8 processing engine. What this means is […]

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This week’s show is a triple header. First, Pamela Berry sits down with photographer Michael Bonocore to discuss the importance of capturing moments and inspiration. Then Rich Harrington talks with Lindsay Adler on personal projects and self-assignments.  Finally Levi Sim and Rich Harrington talk with Matt Thompson from SongFreedom about music for photo and video projects. […]

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