There’s a rule about having numbers or letters in a shot, “Your eyes will always go to the letters and numbers first to see what they say.” I was planning on a personal project to have Wonder Woman breaking some binding chains on a set with some graffiti behind her. So I talked to a […]

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What’s in your bag? Do you really think that the cameras and lenses that are in my bag are going to get you my job? Stop! I’m not being arrogant, however, how you shoot and I shoot are so radically different it doesn’t matter if you use the same gear as I do. We are […]

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I’m a huge advocate of creating depth in a photograph. One of the ways is to use a back light or at times referred to as a hair light when shooting talent. Some of the challenges I might have are when the talent has blonde or gray / silver colored hair. I’ll lose hair detail […]

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We have all used smoke machines on sets, they’re great, they create mood and help enhance lighting. We have all seen those amazing light beams.Smoke machines are handled on set by the Special Effects crew. Over the years I have seen them apply smoke several different ways. Allow me to share a few with you […]

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“Your greatest curse could be your greatest blessing” Shadows, at times they are such a curse, but with a bit of creative manipulating they can be a wonderful blessing. When working on a Hollywood set there are times I’ll will have the Grips (the guys who rig things, their name comes from old Hollywood “because […]

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Editor’s Note: Don’t miss this week’s free event on when to jump from Lightroom to Photoshop.   Photoshop Luminance Masks are a great way to edit an image targeting just the areas you want. These masks aren’t solid black and whites but mirror the luminance values of a channel or channels. Lets jump into Photoshop and see […]

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This week we catch up with two photographers to get a wealth of advice.  First Robert Vanelli talks with fashion photographer Lindsay Adler about her career and advice to other photographers. Then Rich Harrington since down with panoramic photographer Ron Pepper for a free-wheeling discussion about gear, tech, and workflow.

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