This Little Town

Let’s trade out one sort of coastal scene for another. Last week, we visited Oregon’s Ecola State Park. Now, let’s mosey on over to somewhere a little further north. Ok, a lot further north. This past February, I had the pleasure of visiting the Lofoten Islands in Norway. It was during the peak of winter, […]

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This week we catch up with a lot of great folks.  Our main interviews are with Lisa Robinson and Bert Monroy who will both share techniques and inspiration.  We’re honored to have Scott Bourne back on the show as a co-host this week and we even catch up with the creator of the Platypod Pro.

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We’ve all been there.. That feeling after long days and nights of shooting hundreds (if not thousands) of time-lapse or stop-motion frames and wanting desperately to preview the fruits of our labors, only to do so by holding down the arrow key and watching as droves of blurred images race mercilessly before our eyes. While […]

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A photowalk is a fun time to get your camera and get together with other photographers. You’re sure to learn some new techniques, check out other shooter’s ideas, and you’re guaranteed make some new friends with similar interests. For this walk, Photofocus Author Levi Sim will be your leader. He’ll start at the Sheraton Hotel […]

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There are occasions when a subject’s skin only has a few trouble spots that could use light retouching. For that, I like to use a simple fade selection with the patch tool, and I want to share that technique today. In this photo, my very sad looking daughter has a few spots I’d like to touch […]

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Of all the benefits to learn and practice the art of photography, the number one objective held sacred among professionals and enthusiasts worldwide is the preservation of memories; those occasions of importance that are meaningful in the eyes of even the most modest of subjects, from the least to the greatest. Countless attics and basements […]

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Brian Smith Portraits of Kathmandu Nepal

Editor’s Note: We’re pleased to welcome Brian Smith to the Photofocus team.  Brian’s portraits of celebrities, athletes and business executives have appeared on the covers of many magazines.  He brings a great perspective on how to capture compelling portraits.  Please welcome him to the site. Creating a compelling portrait can take a lot of thought […]

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