If you’ve had the pleasure of converting film slides of days gone by to the digital format, you may have experienced that bittersweet feeling of excitement mingled with a tinge of disappointment upon first viewing the dust, debris and tiny fibers accumulated by storage over the years in the scanned result. Building on a recent […]

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Once we imported our photos to our catalog, we need to quickly review each image and select our favorites. The trick is NOT to make this a time consuming task. One option is to use the Flagging system to temporarily select your favorite images. It’s important not to get hung up on an image. If […]

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This week we catch up with two photo experts.  First up is Adobe evangelist Julianne Kost who  talks about some of the hidden gems in Lightroom.  Then we catch up with photographer Jake Peterson about his work in the field.

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Inspired by the cover image of Rich Harrington’s recent post ‘An In-Depth Look at Selling, Budgeting, and Planning Video Projects’ in this tutorial I’ll be looking at how to take text and manipulate it so that it looks like it’s hanging from ropes. I’ll be exploring how to change the text to shapes, moving and […]

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Our friends over at posted a great free tutorial on how to select hair in Photoshop.  This is perfect if you need to change the backdrop to a different look. This tutorial is from the Photo Tools Weekly series presented by author Jan Kabili. In the complete course Jan shares weekly tips and […]

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Wes Maggio from Wacom joins us to share a quick tip on processing a portrait of Skylar he shot in the desert in Las Vegas during Photoshop World last month. Starting in Lightroom, Wes works through the develop module, but then jumps into Photoshop for a window replacement made easy by using a Wacom pen tablet.

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Understanding Photoshop is a biweekly column that takes an in-depth look at how digital photographs are built and manipulated.  It is a college-level course in plain English for free at Photofocus.  To learn more see this article. Don’t Skip Column 17 | Click to see all the columns Sometimes your image will need to be rotated or flipped. Loading […]

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