Most users will either use Curves a lot or they won’t use it at all. The Curves interface is more complex than Levels, which scares away many users. While Levels gives you three control points (highlights, midtones, and shadows), the Curves adjustment allows for up to 16 control points. This can significantly open up more […]

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In celebration of back to school season, we’ve lowered the price on all our books.

Photoshop User Magazine just gave our new Lightroom book a perfect 5-star review.

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New users often have a hard time when color correcting or enhancing images. They generally lose sight of the goal: making the image look better and while still being believable. Many users go “too far” in their quest to fix images. If the image starts to look fake or too altered, it will be distracting. […]

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This is it! The moment you’ve been waiting for: you get to ask anything you want about any Lightroom subject and Rob Sylvan and Levi Sim will combine their experience and brain power to help you power-up and let Lightroom become the most powerful tool in your kit. The fun begins tomorrow, Thursday the 28th. […]

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We all want tack-sharp images. Our cameras and lenses can only do so much for us, and once a photograph is out of the camera, the process of sharpening has really just begun. And because I use Lightroom for nearly every single photograph I process, I’m going to share with you my method of sharpening in Adobe […]

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To explain how Lightroom Mobile fits into my workflow, I’ll use Adobe’s description of Lightroom Mobile and apply it to a recent shoot. We were on set shooting a food campaign for a local company in Melbourne Florida. We tethered our camera to the computer and fired up Lightroom. As I shot, images appeared on the computer for the art director and client to see. So far nothing unusual, until Lightroom Mobile entered the workflow!

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2014-08-11 One Last Morning

Rod Stewart sang the question: “Every picture tells a story, don’t it?” Telling stories… Ideally Rod would be right. Sadly, some stories can’t be told with a single photo. There are those that take a series. Consider this challenge: Photograph, or more accurately, document the tearing down of one home and the construction of a […]

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