This week’s show, Rich tracks down Scott Bourne (who really is enjoying being retired) to talk photography.  Rich showed up at Scott’s place in Vegas with a microphone and refused to leave until Scott agreed to be on the show. Okay… that’s a slight exaggeration, but we hope you have as much fun with the show as we did. We talk about a bunch of timely issues for photographers of all skill levels.

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One of my greatest concerns about the current state of affairs in photography is the notion that making a photograph and then posting it online is the end of the experience. I come from an era where we had no “online” and the way you “shared” your photographs was that you made a print. Recent […]

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Editor’s Note: PhotoPills is 50% off today only — November 29, 2013 All I can say is that PhotoPills is the single most useful photography app on the planet, and I highly recommend it. Here’s a link to their website. Want to hear more? Ok. I’ll start with the only two downsides, and they are […]

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PUBLISHER’S NOTE: This post is an updated compilation of several shorter posts I wrote in the past trying to answer the question, “What camera should I buy?” It includes some new cameras in the recommendation section. But please note: The newest camera is NOT always the best camera. It’s still the most popular question I […]

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You’ve probably noticed that Damien Lovegrove has been demonstrating lighting and posing techniques here on Photofocus. I’ve enjoyed these posts immensely, and have been floored by his concise and clear instructions accompanied by stunning images. I’ve been fortunate to also watch his tutorial called Hollywood Portraits Remastered, and I highly recommend it to you. Lovegrove […]

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A lighting tool for unique applications – (different versions work with different brands/models of flash – this test was on a Canon flash) Guest Post by Doug Daulton – Follow Doug on Twitter When first handed the Light Blaster, I was a little dubious.  It seemed a bit like a kitschy toy not suited for a […]

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I was recently invited to review an app from Juggleware called Sol: Sun Clock (iOS only). Claiming to be “the Swiss Army Knife of sunlight tools” and useful to “plan the perfect photograph,” I was happy to get to get some time to try it out. There’s a few things this app does well, and […]

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