High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography has quickly grown into a popular form of photographic expression. It is both loved and loathed depending upon who you discuss the subject with. Many photography “purists” oppose the technique and declare it to be unnatural or over-processed. Other photographers embrace it for its many benefits and opportunities. The perspective […]

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LIFE recently came out with a beautiful new book, an illustrated tome about the classy, exuberant life of Tony Bennett, singer and gentleman extraordinaire. Continue reading

This week’s podcast is in our classic Question and Answer format.  We gathered up your questions from blog posts and social media and got some straight answers.  Photofocus editor sits down with columnist and Sony Artisan Brian Matiash.

We’ve all been there. That place where you’re photographing and you suddenly see the perfect photo in your minds eye. Your heart beats a little faster. You smile a bit. Then that little nagging “if only…” phrase creeps in. “If only I could get to that spot over there past that sign”, “If only those […]

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From time to time I find myself without a tripod.  Perhaps I was traveling light… or maybe I just want to try a new angle.  One of my favorite places to shoot is low to the ground… but I’m not crazy about laying in the dirt and making a human speed bump for passerbys to […]

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Whether you are shooting Macro or Close-up photography, it’s helpful to know how to find the minimum focus distance for a lens.

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BrianMatiash_20120521-BRI_3543-Edit_Canon EOS 5D Mark III-Canon EOS 5D Mark III

I am a very lucky guy. I grew up in a household with parents who immigrated from Russia with absolutely nothing to their names and who worked so hard chasing the classic American Dream. They taught themselves English, found themselves jobs, and leaned heavily on their strong work ethic to earn for their family and […]

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