In my past two articles I took a look behind the scenes at the National Weather Service with an introduction to the Forecast Discussion and severe weather alert products. The NWS web page is a buffet of weather information that should fill you up when you are planning to photograph outdoors in dynamic weather, but when […]

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In my previous article about the National Weather Service’s Forecast Discussions I touched briefly on another set of products the NWS releases: outlooks, advisories, watches and warnings. These alerts are designed to help those planning on being out in the elements prepare for forecasted severe weather. Outdoor photographers can use these alerts to determine the […]

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We all have times when we’re waiting for something—maybe the doctor’s office, or a meal at restaurant, or at the auto shop—and many times we spend that time checking Instagram with our eyes glued to our phones. I’d like to suggest a more productive use of your time that will exercise your mind and make […]

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Our job as photographers is to capture the essence of our subjects. This involves adjusting to our clients and any given situation on a moment’s notice. A challenge is simply an opportunity. Recently, fellow photographer Toni Shaw shared her experience of working with an antsy client. Confined to the walls of her studio, her young […]

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“My four-year-old daughter is making her first journey on an airplane later this week. I’m making a slideshow of pictures to show her how the process of flying works so that she won’t be nervous when we go to the airport and board the plane. May I make a picture of you to include and […]

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If you’re like me, you got a new camera and dove in, shooting like a madman and making all kinds of pictures of all kinds of things. After a few gazillion pictures, I was starting to figure out a few things about my camera and how it worked. I remember that my world really changed […]

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The Pacific Northwest is a veritable playground for outdoor photographers. In any given day I can photograph alpine landscapes, arid desert scablands, lush temperate rainforests and rugged ocean shorelines. One constant in our diverse region is the complex weather. As a native Northwesterner, I have always had a fascination with meteorology and with today’s wealth […]

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