This week we catch up with two photographers to get a wealth of advice.  First Robert Vanelli talks with fashion photographer Lindsay Adler about her career and advice to other photographers. Then Rich Harrington since down with panoramic photographer Ron Pepper for a free-wheeling discussion about gear, tech, and workflow.

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When I first started out with photography, natural light was my best friend. I didn’t have money for lights, so I learned to shoot using what was available to me. Shoot after shoot, I’d tuck a little money away into a gear fund to save up for lights.  Natural light can get you pretty far, but […]

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Lighting Fire by Kevin Ames

Let’s photograph a candle lit and not. It’s simple right? Well, maybe… The Setup When I start to photograph anything, I ask myself “What is it?” By that I mean describe its properties. Looking at the candle, I see it’s round. No. Make that cylindrical. It’s reflective. It has texture, well the wick has it […]

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Elinchrom Phottix Sekonic Collaboration

Swiss pro electronic flash manufacturer Elinchrom, Phottix whose control systems currently work with Canon, Nikon & Sony DSLR cameras TTL for flash and Sekonic, world class creators of hand held light meters have teamed toghether to focus these areas of expertise on light measurement and control. What does this mean for photographers? A big change […]

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Taming Unwanted Reflections

Photographing interiors means dealing with tons of reflective surfaces just waiting to spoil the fun. These little mirrors are everywhere bringing unwanted reflections into what would be an otherwise inviting inside space. The answer is simple. Show those offensive mirrored surfaces what you want the camera to see–nothing! Essential tools In order to successfully avoid […]

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Classes to see at PSW

I’ve had the honor of teaching at well over twenty Photoshop World conferences. While I am there to teach; I am also there to learn. What a great opportunity to discover new ways to work in Photoshop, a lighting idea (Thanks Glyn Dewis!) or something I didn’t know Lightroom could do. Photoshop World offers concise, […]

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Featured Image

Vanelli sits down with Vincent Versace as he shares a story from the set using Wescott’s Ice Lights.

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