Let me begin by saying I’ve had the same camera travel bag for over 12 years. I like it, it met my needs … or so I thought. After getting the Airport International v2.0 Rolling Camera Bag, I realized how much I’ve been missing. Continue reading


This week’s show is a triple header. First, Melissa Niu chats with Evgeny Tchebotarev who is the co-founder of 500px about their site and future.  Vanelli then catches up with professional photographer Tim Wallace and his work with automotive and boating photography.  Then Rich Harrington and Chase Reynolds sit down to discuss the hottest gear shipping from […]

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You know that I don’t do the kind of review that includes target charts and intricate sharpness comparisons using sub-nanometer precision tools, and when the lens says, “Leica” on the front I shouldn’t need to. That name on a modern lens equals quality and excellence, and the availability of Leica lenses is one of my favorite […]

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Broncolor Siros Monolight

I just got back from a week in Cologne Germany at the MASSIVE Photokina photo expo. Now I’m a trade show veteran, but the sheer scale of this 7 day show is unbelievable. No wonder manufacturers wait to release their newest products until this big gathering of visual creatives, every two years. If you’ve been […]

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I gotta say, I loved using this lens. Sigma has really out done themselves. I know some people say they’ve owned Sigma lenses and the photos were poor…those lenses were the low end stuff; I could say the same about cheap Nikon and Canon lenses I’ve used. Sigma’s newest professional lenses, however, are the amongst […]

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Photos of jewelry that makes you want to buy, subtle imagery of high tech devices in every day life, the perfect shot of food that makes your mouth water… who takes those images? If you’re in New York, odds are you’ve seen some of Avrohom’s work even if you didn’t know it. “I’m a commercial […]

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Embracing new technologies while continuing to uphold the beauty of the old is something many do not attempt, instead focused on only the former part of that equation. For Scott Basile, he uses new technologies to bring old techniques to the forefront. “I make wet plate collodion portraits and landscapes. I shoot with large format […]

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