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Photographer of the Day

Photographer of the Day: Tiberio Frascari

Photographer: Tiberio Frascari Photo: “Paris, France,_August_2019_858” This image is a surprising look at what an architect can do not only to the structure of a building, but the appearance and

Photographer of the Day: Joe

Photographer: Joe Photo: “Evening Walk” When a photograph successfully freezes a key moment in time and preserves a palpable emotional mood, it’s a win and speaks to me. This new

Photographer of the Day: Pamela Aminou

Photographer: Pamela Aminou Photo: “Contrast” OK. This is an abstract. It uses architectural components for the basis of the abstract. And it’s a very compelling abstract, so there was no

Scott Norris Photography

Photographer of the Day: Scott Norris

Photographer: Scott Norris Photo: “White Feather” Simplicity at its finest. I love the use of light to create the long shadow of the feather. It’s the perfect blend of soft and


Photographer of the Day: slingblade_2004

Photographer: slingblade_2004 Photo: “Deadwood, South Dakota” I realize it’s past the holidays but I had to share this image. It’s just so picture perfect and what we all imagine a small-ish

Trevor Ager photography

Photographer of the Day: Trevor Ager

Photographer: Trevor Ager Photo: “Wisley Garden Pollinator” Gorgeous macro shot of this bee and flower. Great detail and texture in the bee and excellent use of the flower in the background

Kenny Ganz photography

Photographer of the Day: Kenny Ganz

Photographer: Kenny Ganz Photo: “Grand Trunk Western 6039” What a wonderful train yard shot. The way the light hits the steam and highlights the man on the front of the engine

"Winter Waves" shows the power of nature on Haling Island earning Peter Hickson, kudos as the Photofocus Photographer of the Day.

Photographer of the Day: Peter Hickson

Photographer: Peter Hickson Photo: “Winter Waves” “Winter Waves” shows the power of nature along with its infinite beauty. The photograph was made on Haling Island off the coast of England. Peter

"Faintly you surround me" earns Crusty Da Klown Photographer of the Day honors on Photofocus

Photographer of the Day: Crusty Da Klown

Photographer: Crusty Da Klown Photo: “Faintly you surround me” “Faintly you surround me” is a study of a landscape reminiscent of an old color slide that has been damaged by time

A simple composition with texture and pattern earns Johann Walter Bantz Photofocus Photographer of the Day

Photographer of the Day: Johann Walter Bantz

Photographer: Johann Walter Bantz Photo: “Le vieux couple” A pair of chairs. A checked tile floor. A block wall. Simple elements that when gathered into a careful composition yield a study

Jeffry Bivens is the Photofocus Photographer of the Day with his group portrait Curious Theater Branch Four Story Animal promo shoot.

Photographer of the Day: Jeffrey Bivens

Photographer: Jeffrey Bivens Photo: “Curious Theater Branch Four Story Animal promo shoot” Holidays are celebrated in many, different ways. Here, a group of friends gathers to perform a theatrical reading. This

"As morning replaces night - frosty abstract" earns Jim Restall Photographer of the Day honors on Photofocus

Photographer of the Day: Jim Restall

Photographer: Jim Restall Photo: “As morning replaces night — frosty abstract” Abstract art is all around us waiting for us to capture it with a camera. Jim Restall has done exactly that

Photographer of the Day: martijnvdnat

Category: Magic Photographer: martijnvdnat Photo: “Let it Glow” The awe that magic often holds is never more present than in this photo by Martijn. With the light spooling from the

Photographer of the Day: Barbara Koester

Category: Street Photographer: Barbara Koester Photo: “Mummer on the roof” I hope everyone had a great holiday — it certainly looks like this guy did. He is referred to as

fall trees reflections

Photographer of the Day: Michelle

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Michelle Photo: “A Reverie of Dreams” The color in this is magical and I love how it practically glows. The gorgeous still water reflections give this the perfect symmetry.

"Photography Club Scavenger Hunt" by our Photographer of the Day Wade Brooks on Photofocus

Photographer of the Day: Wade Brooks

Category: Portrait Photographer: Wade Brooks Photo: “Photography Club Scavenger Hunt” Photography clubs are lots of fun and great places to become inspired by others. Today’s photographer of the day for

Photographer of the Day: Ian Johnston LRPS

Category: Architecture Photographer: Ian Johnston LRPS Photo: “Salisbury Cathedral” Considering the history of the church, much time and effort was made in designing beautiful and profound sculpture for its vessels.

Photographer of the Day: Bernhard Garbers

Category: Magic Photographer: Bernhard Garbers Photo: “Angel of Christmas” There’s nothing truly like the magic of Christmas. Here, Bernhard shows us his take on the Angel of Christmas, highlighting a

Photographer of the Day: Ivan Rigamonti

Category: Street Photographer: Ivan Rigamonti Photo: “Station” This image by Ivan Rigamonti really popped out at me. It could be due to the contrast between red and black. Or the

mushrooms in the forest

Photographer of the Day: Ritxy

Category: Outdoor Photographer: Ritzy Photo: “Untitled” Color, composition and all that sparkly bokeh, what’s not to love about this shot? It’s a lovely up close and personal look at nature in the