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Adobe released Lightroom CC/6 this week much to the delight of its loyal users. I put together a tutorial video that walks through a few of the new features, notably the new Brush tools with the Graduated Filter, auto pano stitching, and some other smaller odds and ends that you may have overlooked. If you have […]

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In this profile, learn about digital artist Maggie Taylor.  She shares her process about creating digital collages.  She began her career as a traditional artist who did everything in camera, but then embraced Photoshop for its felxibility. Thanks to for this documentary. Breaking free of traditional notions of photography, Maggie Taylor creates haunting, layered […]

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Embracing the Light
Collected bits of truth
Shimmering sparks
Shards of light
Bursting Bright
in divine ecstatic flame.

― Leonard Nimoy, Shekhina


In this two-part series we’ll explore photographs taken from space. First, I had a chance to sit down with Astronaut Reid Wiseman. In this interview we learn how Photography is used on the International Space Station and a little about how Reid personally uses photography. The second article will explore the editing and science workflow […]

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Lovesome Photography first wedding

Recently, I was cleaning out the dreaded “room of stuff” in my house when I came across piles and piles of old portfolio pieces from school. It was a fascinating trip down memory lane. There were things I’d forgotten about; paintings, etchings, prints, and yes, even photographs. As I sifted through all of it I […]

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One of the most influential digital artisans on the planet is Katrin Eismann.  Her many books and teachings about photo restoration and digital photography have helped many. Explore the roots of Photoshop and digital photography with Katrin Eismann, famed author and educator. She discusses her journey with Photoshop and the ways in which she empowers others to […]

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BrianMatiash_20110610-IMG_7497-HDRO-Edit-Edit_EOS 5D Mark II

Recently, I saw a collection of April Fools posts on Facebook by photographers who tried baking in some irony by sharing photos from a oft-photographed US National Park that they dubbed as their most creatively challenging, all while being derisive about the homogeny of photos being posted by others online. Now, while I know that these posts […]

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