This is a guest post by Brooke Shaden. She is well known for her portraits that show  fantastic realities.  She combines painterly techniques as well as the square format.  She also takes traditional photographic properties are replaces things with otherworldly elements. If you’re self-employed, or you have a creative passion, it is very likely that you […]

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LeviSimPSW-267 copy

Editor’s Note: Photoshop World is next week.  We’re holding a reader’s breakfast there and some other events you’ll have to ask about in person. I’ve written a version of this article several years ago but I want to update and share why going to Photoshop World has changed my life. All I wanted to do […]

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Time to change things up again. Last week, we visited the very hot and dry Death Valley National Park. This week, we’re visiting the very hot and humid city of Granada, Nicaragua. I had the privilege of visiting Nicaragua last week and am still reeling from the experiences I had. On one of the days, […]

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If you are in business, odds are that you aren’t the only person trying to make money in your field of work. Whether you are a wedding photographer or provide professional photo editing services, odds are that your job is not “cookie cutter”. You create something special for your clients, and that “something” cannot be replicated […]

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There is no right and wrong, there is only interesting, and less interesting.

Sam Mendes


LIFE recently came out with a beautiful new book, an illustrated tome about the classy, exuberant life of Tony Bennett, singer and gentleman extraordinaire. Continue reading

Double Glass Optic, f/4

We have all lived this moment in our lives. When the dust starts to settle on your camera, or you haven’t even unpacked your gear from that photo-shoot you did one month ago. And don’t think the “pros” are immune to these feelings of inadequacy. Being a professional photographer does not mean photographing every day of our […]

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