Let’s trade one famous city for another. Last week, we cruised along the train system of Berlin, Germany. This week, we’re going home! Well, we’re going to my home at least—New York City—and to celebrate, I’m going to include a few before & after photos for this episode! I spent the first 18 years of […]

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As with any specialized area of photography, the art of macro photography – that is, making images of objects at a very close range – is in a creative world unto it’s own. This is true not only in terms of the specialized gear required to tell a story at a true 1:1 scale, but […]

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To the complaint, ‘There are no people in these photographs,’ I respond, There are always two people: the photographer and the viewer.
― Ansel Adams


Let’s trade cities for a bit. Last week, we were situated in Granada, Nicaragua. This week, we’re going to move to an entirely different city in an entirely different part of the world—Berlin, Germany. I visited this wonderful city in February 2014 and loved how easy it was to navigate through their public transportation system. […]

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The eye should learn to listen before it looks.
― Robert Frank


Last week, we visited some fishermen casting their nets along Las Isletas de Granada in Nicaragua. This week, we’re going to stick around in this region, but head into the heart of Granada’s downtown area, specifically to Centro Social Tio Antonio. We had a chance to visit this wonderful place and spend time with the […]

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Let People Do Their Jobs

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was signing papers and filing forms with our attorneys to get our company registered and official. It was an exciting and nerve wracking time having finally made the decision to “sink or swim” by doing photography full time. In reality, that was over 9 years ago! […]

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