When I heard that Photofocus was renting the Pinball Hall of Fame for a party, my mind started going crazy with ideas. The plan was to host a party during Photoshop World in Las Vegas and invite Photofocus readers to join us for a live shoot with models and borrowable cameras from The party […]

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This Little Town

Let’s trade out one sort of coastal scene for another. Last week, we visited Oregon’s Ecola State Park. Now, let’s mosey on over to somewhere a little further north. Ok, a lot further north. This past February, I had the pleasure of visiting the Lofoten Islands in Norway. It was during the peak of winter, […]

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Let’s migrate from the inland rolling hills of the Palouse to the rocky, rugged coastline of Oregon’s Ecola State Park. I have only visited this park once, located near the famous Cannon Beach. It’s a great place for anyone looking to improve their seascape and long exposure photography skills because the coast is littered with […]

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Last week, we had a bunch of fun roaming around the urban jungle of New York City. This week, we’re heading to the opposite side of the country and landing in Washington. Specifically, we’re going to spend time exploring the Palouse region. Odds are, you’ve seen photos of the Palouse and its mind-bending array of […]

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I love photography – and travel. You could say I travel to take photographs and take photographs to travel.

Rick Sammon


I was asked by a reader recently if I still love photography. While I have had moments in my life when I tried to put my camera down – the answer is absolutely – yes – I still love photography. But it made me ponder why. Why do I love photography? I was forced to […]

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Editor’s Note: We’d like to welcome Nicci Widener.  She’s a photographer and a mother of 3 from the Pacific Northwest.  She first picked up a camera when her oldest child was born in 1998 but made the decision to make it a career in 2006. Please welcome her in the comments below. Everyone has a story about how […]

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