What’s in your bag? Do you really think that the cameras and lenses that are in my bag are going to get you my job? Stop! I’m not being arrogant, however, how you shoot and I shoot are so radically different it doesn’t matter if you use the same gear as I do. We are […]

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If you’ve had the pleasure of converting film slides of days gone by to the digital format, you may have experienced that bittersweet feeling of excitement mingled with a tinge of disappointment upon first viewing the dust, debris and tiny fibers accumulated by storage over the years in the scanned result. Building on a recent […]

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Ron Pepper walks us through HDR Exposure Fusion with Photomatix Pro for interior real estate photography and how to fix overexposed exterior windows.

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This week we catch up with two photographers to get a wealth of advice.  First Robert Vanelli talks with fashion photographer Lindsay Adler about her career and advice to other photographers. Then Rich Harrington since down with panoramic photographer Ron Pepper for a free-wheeling discussion about gear, tech, and workflow.

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Photo ©Blake Rudis

We recently held an HDR Hangout to help you get started.  Our guest on the program was Blake Rudis of EverydayHDR.  Blake is a fine artist who fell in love with HDR photography.  He combines his understanding of light and form to make some powerful images. Here’s a followup guest tutorial from Blake. We hope you enjoy and […]

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If you’re a photo studio or photographer who uses Pictage to host and sell your photos, you likely have quite a shock this week.  On August 24th, Pictage posted the following message to their users: The Closing of Pictage Please accept my sincere apologies for the Pictage web site being down since Thursday. The Pictage […]

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Editor: Want to learn more about HDR?  Check out this free online class. One of the most common question about HDR photography seems to be ‘how many images should I take?’ This has an easy answer… and the answer is… “It depends.” That answer just isn’t very satisfying is it? Well, let’s talk about why […]

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