Drones are a hot-topic right now, since the FAA released proposed regulations on commercial UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). For most people, these rules won’t apply. We’re hobbyists, using these drones for personal use.

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Light stands aren’t something I get terribly excited about. But inexpensive light stands that offer great bang for the buck do peak my interest. Adorama just announced the Flashpoint Auto Stand, available in both 7’ (http://www.adorama.com/FPLS7AS.html) and 9’ (http://www.adorama.com/FPLS9AS.html) models. At $50 and $70 respectively, these stands are affordable by even the most frugal photographer, […]

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I was pretty excited when I received my new Drobo. I’m brand new to Drobo and how they work and heard some pretty good things about them so to finally get one in my hands is a big deal for me. I’m always in need of more space and backups because not only do I […]

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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending Capture Cinematic Weddings with Ray Roman in Fort Lauderdale. We learned how to maximize picture quality with proper exposure settings, understanding how to “master the speeches” and get perfect audio every time, and how to price & position our work to gain high-profile clients. It was great watching some of Ray’s favorite wedding films to help illustrate everything we were learning.

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Finally, it is time to bring everything into Lightroom. Before starting, you have a couple of decisions to make. Review the following information and decide where you want your Lightroom assets to live and how you want Lightroom to manage those assets.

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Let’s continue our look at working with video in Lightroom.  In part 1 we explored Uses for Video, in part 2 Hard Drive Requirements for Video, in part 3 Playing and Trimming Video, and part 4 Adjusting the Tone and Color.  Now let’s talk about exporting video from Lightroom. Inside of Lightroom, you’ll find three options for exporting your video clips. Let’s […]

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Thanks for all the great questions you’ve been sending in to the Photofocus podcast.  This week we’re joined by guru and Photofocus contributor Nicole S. Young (nicolesy).  Rich and Nicole tackle some great topics to help photographers.

The music in our podcast comes from the cool folks over at SongFreedom, be sure to check them out!

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