mangaging the pinterest bride

We live in an image driven world of social media. There’s no getting around it. Today’s photographers are dealing with clients who have access to millions more “ideas of imagery” than the clients of yesteryear. In the past, a bride would likely have only seen a few friend’s wedding images or a few in magazines. […]

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Photo Copyright Chamira Studios

Have you encountered any of these statements from a potential client? “I didn’t realize your services would cost that much!” “Could you retouch an extra photo for me? It’ll only take a few minutes.” “I don’t think I need a professional photographer for my wedding. My Uncle Bob has a good camera. He’ll take some […]

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This week we catch up with a lot of great folks.  Our main interviews are with Lisa Robinson and Bert Monroy who will both share techniques and inspiration.  We’re honored to have Scott Bourne back on the show as a co-host this week and we even catch up with the creator of the Platypod Pro.

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Learn how to build a connection with your camera store so they won’t be a thing of the past.

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Photo Courtesy Chamira Studios

Recently, a portrait photographer I know shared in an online group that he had been approached by an acquaintance who wanted him to shoot their upcoming wedding. After giving it careful thought, he eventually came to the firm decision to turn the potential client down because, not only was it was outside of his target […]

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If you’re a photo studio or photographer who uses Pictage to host and sell your photos, you likely have quite a shock this week.  On August 24th, Pictage posted the following message to their users: The Closing of Pictage Please accept my sincere apologies for the Pictage web site being down since Thursday. The Pictage […]

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Guest post by Kylee Ann.  Outfit choice can make or break a photo. As the photographer, we are supposed to be the experts. We take pictures ALL the time, but this is a very special occasion for the family. It might be their annual session or their first family session ever. It is our job to […]

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