Note: This post is from our book Develop Great Images in Lightroom (available on iBookstore & Scribd). While cropping presets are great, they might not get the job done.  It’s impossible for the Lightroom team to predict every need for every project (particularly with the rise in multimedia formats and web-connected devices).  Additionally, you may choose to crop to a […]

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Photo © MoustacheGirl

Whether you shooting portraits or a video, keeping a makeup kit handy can help make your subjects look their best.  I catch up with stylist Kim Foley.  In this video from you’ll learn some expert tips and tricks for building a makeup kit. This specific tutorial is from the Video Gear Weekly series presented by […]

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Thanks for all the great questions you’ve been sending in to the Photofocus podcast.  This week is a two part show.  First up, Rich Harrington catches up with photographer and educator Abba Shapiro to tackle some great topics to help photographers.

Then Levi Sim catch up with Ray Roman & Matt Thompson to talk about shooting weddings and making the transition from photo to video. Remember, you can post questions for future shows via Twitter with the #pfqa or send us a note here at Photofocus.

The music in our podcast comes from the cool folks over at SongFreedom, be sure to check them out!

Get the show here  or get it on iTunes — Don’t forget to post a review on iTunes.

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Note: This post is from our book Develop Great Images in Lightroom (available on iBookstore & Scribd). Often when I crop, it’s all about precision.  I frequently need to crop to a specific aspect ratio.  Sometimes it’s for the screen (video projects and slideshows) as well as print output. In these cases, I need the shape of my photo to […]

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To the complaint, ‘There are no people in these photographs,’ I respond, There are always two people: the photographer and the viewer.”
― Ansel Adams


Sometimes your camera’s sensor softens your digital images, and they need a bit of sharpening. Pixelmator can help. Learn how to sharpen images in Pixelmator in this tutorial. This tutorial is a single movie from the Up and Running with Pixelmator course by author Rich Harrington. The complete course is 3 hours and 33 minutes and […]

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Looking to up your video game?  Consider stepping up to a Hollywood class lens for your next “big” project.  Digital Cinema lenses offer great booked, fast shooting speeds, and great tone and color.  These lenses are beautiful, but come with hefty price tags. But why drop all that money if you don’t need to.  In […]

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