One of Photoshop’s greatest secrets (and hidden powers) is blending modes. See how to use the Blend If option in order to get precise results from your layer blending in Photoshop. Watch more at… This Post Sponsored by: Arizona Highways Photo Workshops. For more than 30 years, Arizona Highway Photo Workshops has been committed to helping […]

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If you shoot under mixed lighting or with the wrong white balance preset, you can get a nasty color cast or tint in your photo.  Fortunately this is an easy fix in Photoshop which can analyze the image and fix it for you with minimal work. Find out how to remove a color cast in […]

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Our colleagues at have been running a great series of videos commemorating Photoshop’s 25th anniversary.  In this mini-documentary they head into a traditional darkroom with photographer Konrad Eek. Watch Konrad Eek work up a print using only darkroom techniques. Post your own memories or thoughts on the traditional process and how well it translates to digital. […]

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This week’s podcast interviews two gurus to help you with your photo skills.  First up is photographer and host of This Week in Photo, Frederick Van Johnson.  Then we catch up with Photoshop guru and author Justin Seeley.


Note: We’ve got two hangouts this week — Lightroom is Thursday and Business with Kevin Ames is on Friday. Don’t miss our next Google Hangout. The event is Friday, March 27, 2015.  It’s absolutely free to attend thanks to SongFreedom and Drobo. It starts at 3PM Eastern/Noon Pacific.  Join Skip Cohen and Richard Harrington and special guest Kevin Ames. We’ll explore practical advice for professional and […]

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The eye should learn to listen before it looks.
― Robert Frank


While GoPro cameras offer awesome point of view shots, they don’t have the best battery life.  I went into the test labs to see which battery lasted the longest.  Learn how close the third party (and much cheaper) batteries were to the expensive GoPro batteries.  This tutorial will help you decide which battery is best […]

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