We’ve featured Matt Klowskowski on our podcast and website a bunch of times.  He’s a great photo educator and landscape photographer.  Matt’s also the new guru over at Photofocus partner onOne Software. Matt has a special program kicking off to help photographers… it’s called 12 Months with Matt Kloskowski. His goal is to offer exclusive video training, presets, […]

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TODAY is the final day to enter our Freedom to Choose Camera Contest with SongFreedom.  The official rules appear at the bottom of this story. We’ve got a new partnership with SongFreedom.com, and we’re excited to introduce you to them and the power and impact they can add to your creations. They are all about Artists working […]

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Every once in a while, it pays to listen to those annoying characters who are just waiting to tell you how to do your job.
― Joe McNally


This week’s podcast interviews photographers Roberto Valenzuela and Peter Hurley.  Beauty and wedding photographer Roberto Valenzuela talks about working with medium formats.  Then we join Peter Hurley for some practical advice on working with and directing your subject. Get the show here  or get it on iTunes — Don’t forget to post a review on iTunes. Roberto Valenzuela Roberto Valenzuela is a photographer […]

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You might have noticed that each week, we’ve been featuring photos from the Photofocus audience. Thanks to our friends at Drobo, we are thrilled to announce our “Featured Photo Contest.” Every week we will pick a photo that is posted to our Facebook or Google+ communities and feature it on Photofocus! But there’s more to this than just fame and glory.  We also […]

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A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.

– Edward Steichen


If you have a photographer in your family, or if your significant other is a photographer then in many ways, you have it made when it comes to holiday gifts. There are so many cool products out there that photographers will love. Everything on this list is something the team at Photofocus use and can highly […]

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