Our partners over at are extending their April promotion of 15% off any rental into the month of May.  Use PHOTOFOCUS15 in the checkout special instructions to receive 15% off any May rental. And be sure to checkout the huge camera contest that is putting on right now as well.  You could win the choice of either a brand […]

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Being an artist, I had an artist’s instincts….You can see the picture before it’s taken; then it’s up to you to get the camera to see.

 James Van Der Zee

You can take a good picture of anything. A bad one, too.

William Eggelston

I don’t do reality well. I have to romanticize things. I dream up images and I shoot them – fantasies and escapism. If I can’t feel the image, it won’t work.

 James B. Wood

I’m paid to be lucky and that means making your own luck – getting yourself in the right position, in front of the right subject at the right time, and in the right light.

 Michael Yamashita 


This week’s podcast interviews both a new and a returning guest.  First up, Melissa Niu talks with retoucher and artist Julia Kuzmenko.  Then new podcast member Levi Sim interviews Photoshop hall of famed Dave Cross. Get the show here  or get it on iTunes — Don’t forget to post a review on iTunes. Julia Kuzmenko Los Angeles based […]

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You’ve seen our recent announcements about our partnership with and the exciting value they bring to the content of Photofocus. was the very first photographic rental company to offer an optional damage waiver program to its customers. Since then, they have continued to develop innovative options for renters. Today, they announced the exciting Lenscap […]

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“Pictures deface walls more often than they decorate them.”

 William Wordsworth


We’re thinking of adding more coverage for smartphone camera apps and photo tools, but we want to know more about how you’re using your smartphone. Please respond to the poll below.  You can choose multiple responses as well as leave comments below.  We want to gauge what and how much to cover. ________ This Post […]

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Want to keep in touch?  We’ve got several social media communities affiliated with our website.  Plus its a great way to interact or even get your photo featured on our site. Twitter. Get news about the site and follow to win prizes. Google+ Community. Share your photos and interact with other readers. Google+ Page. Get every […]

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“Documentary Photographers make visual sense of current thinking.”

 Val Williams

“The camera for an artist is just another tool. It is no more mechanical than a violin if you analyze it. Beyond the rudiments, it is up to the artist to create art, not the camera.”

 Brett Weston


This week’s podcast takes a look at two very different topics in the photo industry.  Our first guest Mike Corrado discusses his concert photography and passion projects.  Then we catch up with Photofocus contributor and industry expert Gerard Murphy about photo sharing services like SnapChat and the new Lightroom Mobile. Get the show here  or get […]

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The easy bit is picking up a camera and pointing and shooting. But then you have to decide what it is you’re trying to say and express.

- Martin Parr

“Seeing simply is seeing significantly.”

 Jack Wilkinson

Charleston - Interiors Photography

  Michael Kelley didn’t graduate from a photo school, didn’t take photo classes and if you met him right out of college, he would have told you he was going to be a professional snowboarder. He was already well on his way. He had spent most of his adolescence and teenage years honing the skill […]

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“In photography there are no shadows that cannot be illuminated.”

 August Sander

“It is the photographing of ordinary things, in extraordinary light, which results in extraordinary photographs.”

 David Young

“I would say to any artist: ‘Don’t be repressed in your work, dare to experiment, consider any urge, if in a new direction all the better.”

 Edward Weston


Editors Note: We’re pleased to host this guest post from Matt Kloskowski. When Lightroom 5 released, Adobe made it so the Spot Removal tool was actually a brush. Before LR5, it was simply just a circle. All you could do was remove tiny spots (and maybe some larger spots if you were creative). But in LR5, […]

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Looking to put a little color into your photos?  Photofocus contributor Levi Sim has a brand new Lightroom preset called Spring! You can download the preset here. This free Lightroom preset juices the colors gently without saturating skin tones, and adds a lightening contrast. This preset is made this with RAW image files in mind; you’ll see […]

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