Would you like to win a copy of the new onOne Perfect Photo Suite? We’ll be giving away one copy a week until the end of January 2015. But there’s no reason to wait…you can download a free trial and start making your images look great right away. Play for 30 days with a fully […]

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If you’re a Mac user, a new camera update has recently shipped (version 6.01). OS X Yosemite provides system-level support for digital camera RAW formats. In order to use these files, youcan access them through Aperture oriPhoto on your Mac. You can also browse at the system level looking through folders.Supported by Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 6.01 […]

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And if a day goes by without my doing something related to photography, it’s as though I’ve neglected something essential to my existence, as though I had forgotten to wake up. I know that the accident of my being a photographer has made my life possible.

— Richard Avedon


Our next Lightroom Hangout is today at 2pm ET | 11 am PT.  Be sure to RSVP for an hour of Lightroom learning FREE right here.  We’ve got some great prizes, but you must be present to win. Join Rob Sylvan and Levi Sim and their special guest Ron Pepper, a photographer who makes a living shooting panoramas and HDR’s photographs. It’s incredible the […]

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“When we want mood experiences, we go to concerts or museums. When we want meaningful emotional experience, we go to the storyteller.”
Robert McKee


This week’s podcast catches up with two industry greats who both have exiting new projects.  Melissa Niu digs deep with portrait photographer Brian Smith.  Then Rich Harrington catches up with the original Photoshop guru Bert Monroy. Music on the show from our partner — SongFreedom. Get the show here  or get it on iTunes — Don’t forget to post […]

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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Roger Cicala, owner of LensRentals.com. We spend a lot of time here at Lensrentals getting dust out of lenses. Dust doesn’t affect an image, except in very rare circumstances, but people want their rental lenses to look nice and clean inside and out, and our inspectors check the inside of every […]

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