“Advice to photographers: learn technique, then forget it.”

 John R. Whiting

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This photographer is a beautifully talented wedding photographer but his talent lies much deeper than that.  Just a few years back, he and his wife gave up nearly everything they owned to utilize their photography storytelling talents to tell the stories and bring awareness to individuals or communities that may be less fortunate.  With his […]

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“You have to love this job because the schedules, the emotional ups and downs, the pressures would sometimes be too much of you didn’t love it.”

- Amy Sancetta

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There are many women with children that have chosen the incredibly challenging task of juggling a photography business and motherhood.  But this talented photographer has a successful photography business and….wait for it…..ten children.  My hat goes off to this beautifully gifted artist, Lisa Holloway. Lisa Holloway is an award winning, world renowned Las Vegas portrait […]

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Un soir dans le Lubéron

The process of HDR is a beautiful tool when used correctly.  With that being said, we want to show you some amazing examples of photography talents doing great things with this technique for more doses of inspiration. To learn more about HDR, check out our HDR Learning Center. First up, meet French photographer, Girolamo Cracchiolo. Girolamo’s […]

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It’s that time of year again where thousands of wedding and portrait photographers gather together in my home town of Las Vegas for some pretty crazy parties.  Oops, I meant, for some pretty great photography education. Besides the amazing vendors and great insight gained from the various speakers, my absolute favorite part of any photography […]

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nickiupstairs_before the storm_photofocus
www.eduardoangel.com EA with GH4_001

Editor’s Note:  This is a guest post from Eduardo Angel, filmmaker and educator. The friendly waiter at the Turkish restaurant in Sohar, Oman, saw the camera on the table and asked “Nikon? Canon? Which one is better?” To which I replied, “actually, this is a Panasonic GH3.” He stared at me, and his expression turned from excited […]

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14 Aaron Nace Portfolio

His creativity is completely beyond ordinary and his knowledge of various editing techniques most definitely inspire the masses.  But what amazes me the most about this artist is his openness and dedication to share his many techniques to his loyal community in a tutorial video every day since 2011.  Meet Chicago-based conceptual photographer, show host […]

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He’s a Seattle-based portrait and wedding photographer that’s been known to have “a natural talent for capturing real human-connection in his photographs”.  I would have to agree.  But the depth of his photographers go deeper than human connection.  This photographer seems to capture beautiful brides and stunning couples in front of the most iconic scenes […]

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Her photography is moving, painterly and demonstrative.  She has a beautifully developed emotional interpretation in her work using both analog and digital compositions.  And after you read her story, you’ll see where the emotion derives.  I can’t wait to introduce you to Russian photographer and artist, Anka Zhuravleva. She spent her childhood with books on […]

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3D Printing is a relatively new industry that makes it possibly to print physical copies of objects.  Adobe recently announced that Photoshop CC has radically simplifying the 3D print process for creatives. Need a perfect prop for your shoot… no problem.  Need to make a prototype to show your client… you got it.  With this new release, […]

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Pie Dino

What kind of photographs can you create with an iPhone, a Sharpie and random every day objects?  It’s artists like this one that prove that endless amounts of expensive, top of the line equipment are not always needed to be creative.  Meet 18-year-old student and photographer, Steven Crosby. Currently in Graphic Design at California Baptist […]

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Having been a model for ten years, she carries a talent and useful connection with her fashion and bridal subjects that many other photographers don’t necessarily possess.  When watching her shoot in person, she is animated, energetic, emotive and passionate which evokes beautiful emotions out of her portraits.  And through our ever changing industry, she’s […]

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He calls himself a Photoshop-ographer.  We call him extremely talented.  Glyn Dewis is a Photographer, Retoucher and Trainer currently based just outside of Oxford in the UK.  But don’t let this kind smile and his love of geek talk fool you. Do a little more research and you’ll find that he is a tenacious body […]

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