“Photography deals exquisitely with appearances, but nothing is what it appears to be.”
― Duane Michals

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I can’t imagine jumping into the industry as the son of Joel Grimes, a rather well known portrait photographer and educator. But I have to applaud him, he’s making quite a name for himself as he jumps head first into the videographer roll. Meet Aaron Grimes, videographer. Aaron and his father were commissioned by the […]

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Joe McNally, Melissa Niu and Chase Reynolds, LensRentals.com

I’m exhausted…in the best way.  For three days straight, I had the absolute privilege of sitting in between my dear friend Chase Reynolds from LensRentals.com and the industry’s most successful photographers at Photoshop World.  Talk about an education and emotional overload!  As I sit back and think about the last week, I had to thank […]

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On a recent Hot Gear Podcast, Rich Harrington sat with Chase Reynolds over at LensRentals.com to talk about the hot products that they just can’t seem to keep on their shelves.  And of course, with the recent release of the Nikon D810, it’s made the hot topic on this month’s “Hot Gear” Segment. Start listening […]

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