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  My buddy, Mykii Liu, did a review on the Retrospective 5 which was a fairly positive review. The bag seems stylish and trendy enough to fit the needs of the every day photographer.  But what if we stepped it up a notch with the Retrospective 7?  The 7 has an additional pocket in the back […]

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They race by you faster than a speeding bullet with the echo from the roar of their little engines.  No, I’m not talking about a race car.  I’m talking about something that might be considered the most difficult subject to photograph. The two-year-old. They laugh, they cry, they wiggle and throw tantrums.  They run, they mess […]

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LensRentals.com is a partner here at Photofocus for the simple fact that we love renting their gear, we can always count on them to deliver our gear on time for our commercial and personal shoots, and the people that we work with there are simply awesome.  We get to pick the brains of their team […]

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We’ve featured him as our LensRentals Photographer of the Week and his incredible portfolio was quite a hit to the Photofocus community.  And to add some “wow” to his name, our friends at SmugMug just put together an incredible film that showcases the hardships against the elements that Chris Burkard must take to get his perfect […]

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“Emotion or feeling is really the only thing about pictures I find interesting. Beyond that it is just a trick.”

Christopher Anderson


“The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible”

Oscar Wilde



Double Exposure is catching on as quite the artistic trend.  Whether it’s digital or analog, the process of double exposing your frame always makes for an interesting and beautiful mix of emotion.  And our friends over at ViewBug had a great contest for double exposures, and the top 26 were quite fantastic. “Spirit Within” by elyktra […]

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Our partner ViewBug opened up the biggest Photofocus Contest in the platform’s history.  And we’re pleased to announce the voting has now begun. The best way to show you’re serious about your photography is to share it. So here’s a chance to not only share your work, but to win thousands of dollars worth of prizes in the process. Here’s How […]

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  Over two months ago our partner, LensRentals announced the exciting Lenscap and Lenscap+ protection plans and decided to celebrate with a camera contest by giving away a hot new camera to one lucky winner. This winner chosen got chance to choose either a brand new Canon 5D Mk III or a brand new Nikon D800.  And today, we’d like to congratulate Aimee […]

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Our friends over at ViewBug had a great contest that was aimed to help bring awareness to the problems that pollution and waste cause.  The photos shown are part of a selection of images communicating perspectives from close to 100 countries: The journey leads one through five continents, from the Philippines to Colombia, through India, […]

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Today Adobe announced some pretty exciting things that will help designers, artists, creatives and of course photographers. Photofocus author, Howard Pinksy, put together his Top 4 Features within the new improved Creative Cloud: Focus Area, improvements to Content Aware, the new Spin Blur in the Blur Gallery and improvements to the type tool. Stay tuned […]

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Some artists are born with a beautiful artistic eye, and others are very knowledgeable in the techniques of photography.  This particular photographer possesses both characteristics and we are more than thrilled to have Greg Sims a regular author and contributor on Photofocus. Greg Sims was born and raised in the dynamic beach culture of Southern […]

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In a recent conversation with Chase Reynolds over at LensRentals, we couldn’t wait to talk about all the new “hot gear”. As you now know, the LensRentals.com team sees quite a bit of inventory come and go from their warehouse so it’s always interesting to hear about the different products that are being moved on […]

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Kevin Ames is a commercial photographer immersed in creativity. He shoots fashion, intimate portraits, executive portraits, high-end interiors and works extensively in the arena of digital retouching.  And now, we’re proud to have him a part of the Authors & Experts team here at Photofocus. Kevin’s photographs have appeared in Time, Newsweek, The Wall Street […]

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