You can look at my work and compare it with the books I’ve read and you’ll probably be able to tell which book I read because it strongly influences my work. Well, even though I just finished Peter Hurley’s book, The Headshot, he has been influencing my work ever since he was featured on Scott Kelby’s […]

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I know, I know: you can’t possibly use a tripod in portraiture because you’re moving around too much, and reframing, and chasing kids, and it’ll just get in the way and slow you down. I’ve heard all the reasons before, and I used to say the same things. Until I made a real effort to […]

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Yannick_Dahmann_Little Beauty
PhotofocusPhotowalk Cover-1

We’ve got a Perfectly Clear Photowalk in Washington, D.C. and I couldn’t be happier to have my co-author, Lisa Robinson joining me to help us make some terrific evening portraits. We’ll use speedlights and modifiers to make the most of the darkening light and the glow on the monuments. This is a hands-on shooting time when you […]

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